Charts are the key to every market, every indicator, in every field.  Make a friend of charts and you have the greatest of all tools.

Each weekly issue of GCRU provides you with a set of detailed charts, each with specific recommendations, plus our in-depth commentary on the markets and how they intertwine.

Many investors just buy a few shares and hold them for years, but we’ll use our decades of experience to suggest when to sell certain shares and when to add new shares…and we’ll have you diversified across various markets so you’re ready to profit in all conditions.

This approach regularly produces 400% to 500% more profits than the traditional buy and hold approach.

We’re always watching the markets, looking for the best time to take profits or cut losses.  No trend lasts forever.  We’ll have you exiting positions after a run-up to collect profits or selling partial positions and using stops to protect profits or cut losses.

Not all markets are the same.  They are as different as people.  Each share has its own fundamentals, rhythm, chart cycles, chart weaknesses, strengths, and personality.  It takes time and dedication to really know and understand these diverse shares…and we’re here to lead you down the path to success.

Many traders make mistakes that shrink their total profits… but with GCRU in your corner, you’ll have the tools you need to profit time after time from precious metals, stocks and other markets.

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