GCRU is a weekly trading service that looks to assist its subscribers achieve gains by trading commodities, currencies and stocks through the application and interpretation of technical analysis and proprietary indicators that have been developed over the years.

GCRU was started by legendary investor and trader Sir Harry Schultz in 2002. Sir Harry, once the highest paid investment consultant of all time, according to Guinness World Records, looked to pass on his trading and investment skills through GCRU to help his subscribers beat the market.


Gold Charts R Us (GCRU) is a high-quality weekly trading service. Each Wednesday morning, this 20+ page letter walks you through what’s happening in today’s key markets, providing specific trading advice on gold and silver shares, as well as key futures markets.

Each issue includes specific buy and sell recommendations, stop losses, descriptive charts, detailed technical analysis, strategy, fundamental information and much more.

GCRU even provides money management advice telling you what percent of your gold portfolio you should be trading and what percent you should be holding gold as a core investment.

Via our method, you should end up with a cost free gold portfolio. The objective is to profit from the fast moving metals, gold and silver shares, and other markets

FORBES – Under The Radar Plays In Metals & Mining

While that’s great for the silver market as a whole, it has caused the physical price of silver to explode. If you haven’t bought any physical silver recently, then you may not have noticed. But silver bars and coins have seen their premiums go through the roof.

The most sold silver coins now carry premiums up to 50% above the spot price, which is more than triple normal levels. And deliveries are now 2-3 weeks, whereas previously they were typically a day or two.


One of the most relevant macro-economic events during 2019 was gold’s breakout rise from a key multi-year resistance at $1,365, suggests Omar Ayales, chief trading strategist for Gold Charts R Us.

This move confirmed a secular bull market rise that began in December 2015. The breakout rise we are experiencing has been strong and broad — and is based as gold shares, silver and other precious metals pick up the pace.