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meet me teamGold Charts R Us (GCRU) is a high-quality weekly trading service. Each Wednesday morning, this 20+ page letter provides specific buy and sell recommendations, stop losses, descriptive charts, detailed technical analysis, strategy, fundamental information and much more.

There’s no undirected buy/hold/pray strategy with Gold Charts R Us. Instead, we take the guesswork away, provide maximum hand-holding buy and sell guidance – so you’ll always know what to do with your hard-earned money.

The objective is to profit from the fast moving metals, gold and silver shares, and other markets.

GCRU was started in February 2002 by world famous investor and trader Harry Schultz. Chevalier Harry D. Schultz is one of the pioneers of the investment newsletter business and became the highest paid investment consultant in the world according to the International Edition of the Guinness Book of Records 1981-2000.

Upon his retirement in 2011, Harry Schultz handed over his torch to the Aden sisters.

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